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Our Mission

Success International supports your business and technical requirements such as design / development / manufacturing / quality assurance and management issues in semiconductor electric and electronic engineering area through consulting and training classes. Our <<professional consultants>> consists of various experienced experts including some veterans who have done important roles for Japanese semiconductor industry to start-up.


We do the consultations as

semiconductor technology, management and electronic production technology.

Well established semiconductor technical training classes


Semiconductor, electronics,

basic general engineering and solution method

 We offer variety of training programs such as semiconductor, electronics or management class both inside a company and in a public space for both of beginners and mid-careers.


"Semiconductor terms with illustration" ver.5 available

Since we published the 1'st version in 2008, many customers have given positive comments on our "Semiconductor terms with illustration" and we have always been improving the contents. Now we have the version 5. We believe this is very useful and mandatory for not only  semiconductor engineers but also sales or top management persons. We made a simplified term dictionary on this web site for your convenience.                                                        <<detail>


    Semiconductor beginner's class 

We have done our popular "Semiconductor beginner's class"  24 times. Please use this class to educate your newcomers.